Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thrift Round Up

Estate sales over the past few weeks have hardly seemed worth the time so I've developed a new thrift route that seems to be working.  I travel a little southeast and I hit about 6 all within a 5-mile radius of each other.  These are spots that I somehow overlooked for the first 8 months we've lived here and I'm glad to now have them on my radar.  The Houston charity thrifts are ridiculous - the blue blood, blue-haired volunteers know their stuff so it's rare to find the good stuff at a true thrift price. So far I've had decent results at my new thrifts so until the estate sales pick up, I'll head east.  Herewith the loot:

I picked this chair up from the same thrift where I discovered the lot of Dansk Fjord flatware.  It was literally fresh off the truck - I saw them pull it off and pretty much lunged for it. It weighs a TON.  The lucite is very thick all  around so it's nice and sturdy.  It's in great condition, but I'm about to come into possession of another single chair, so this one will be in my shop soon.

At my new favorite thrift I've discovered several solid smalsl including a lot of Dansk Ruska and these lamps:
This one had a mate, but it wasn't in nearly as good condition, so I left it.
These were too good looking and well priced to leave behind.  It's so rare to find a pair of anything.  As luck would have it,  I learned it was half-off day when I paid at the register. Score.

These are some smalls found on the new route.  I cannot believe this beautiful plate was such a steal. Designed by Oiva Toikka, the glass drops were intended to hide the joints.  The teak tray is one of three and they are all stamped "Made in Denmark".  The Braun piece is a Dieter Rams-designed lighter c. 1960s, and the last three are a coated vinyl tray, brass lotus bowl and a lucite puzzle sculpture - all are in the shop.

Oiva Toikka Iittala Kastehelmi Service Plate
Danish Teak Tray

Braun Table Ligher

Pretty bits
 That's it! Hope you had a fruitful week! Thanks so much for visiting.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

April Thrift Round Up

Egads!  It appears I let all of April go by without a single thrift finds update.  No excuses other than I've been busy hitting every thrift within a 60 mile-radius and listing, too.  It's been a decent month in the shop so I allow myself to do the rounds as long as inventory is moving.  I've also decided to expand into small furniture and accent pieces which has added a depth to my inventory that I'm very much enjoying.  Without further ado from me, herewith the loot highlights:

Richard Galef Ravenware Trash Bin c. 1950s

Danish Teak and Tube Steel Stacking Stools c. 1960s

Danish Tile and Teak Nesting Table Set c. 1960s

Brass and Mesh Magazine Rack c. 1970s (I think)
P.S. Heggen attributed Teak Trash Bin made in Norway c. 1960s
So those are my departure finds.  It's nice to make the move beyond smalls.  I also sold a beautiful brass bar cart (sadly I deleted all my photos) and the best part was that even though I listed it in my shop, my neighbor fell in love and bought it right away!  Shipping was cost prohibitive, in my opinion, not to mention a big pain.

This week started off with a great find at a Salvation Army that I have visited no less than 5 times with ZERO results.  On Monday, I finally had some luck and found 18 pieces of Dansk Fjord flatware in excellent condition.

I also picked up several brass finds this week.  Love it or hate it, it's always done very well for me, but I also like to think I'm reasonably discerning when it comes to brass.  Design and quality go a long way here.

The above birds were a thrift store find from a few weeks back.  I went to pay for the big one and the cashier told me there was another in back if I was interested.  Yes, yes, I was.  They are Joaquin Tinta from Equador.

All week I kept thinking that I must have left some of the Dansk Fjord behind at the SA since not one spoon was in the stash.  On Friday I went back, but sadly not a piece to be found.  Instead I picked up these Blenko bookends and Rosenthal canlde holders.
And my last find of the week was this beautiful piece of Bitossi.  After the Salvation Army,  I passed a thrift I had never, ever noticed before.  As I walked in, this was the first thing I spied.  It's a massive 14" radius and in mint condition! It'll be in the shop soon.

That's it for now.  A special shout out to all the loving mums out there. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Vacation Thrifting

Yes, that's a thing and I do it.  I don't recommend this practice, however, if your partner is not a willing participant.  I'm assuming it's what I would feel if forced to attend ANY kind of professional sports game (except you, soccer, I still love you).

Anyway, in the last two weeks we've been to Breckenridge and San Francisco and I was able to get a little sporadic thrifting in while the family was otherwise occupied for the most part. 

So before we left for Colorado, I did some rounds because, you know.  Herewith the loot:

Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen Teak Ice Bucket (sold)

Dansk Tray with a repaired handle

Lisa Larson Moose available here
Mystery Ceramic Girl - possibly Swedish?
Still not satisfied, I had to hit the Goodwills in Denver and Fort Worth on our way home. Colorado and Fort Worth highlights:

Sorry for the God awful image!  So some Boynton mugs, an Arabia vase, Louis Vuitton bag, Vera scarf and some melamine plates using an Andy Warhol design.

Brass Birds that I appear to be hoarding.

And finally the San Francisco loot:
Arabia "Fructus" Plate

Takahashi lion planter (I've sold one before)
Not Nagel, but still cool.
LaGardo Tackett Nut Dishes

 That's it.  Thanks for visiting.  And indulge me, leave comments! :-)

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Kokeshi Cat Fight

Ack! I can't believe I've gone so long without an update especially considering how kind of crazy my thrifting experiences have been lately.  As seems to be the thrifter/reseller dilemma, I tend to prioritize my thrift trips over research, listing and blogging, which if none of those things are actively completed, then you may be a hoarder. Ahem.  Moving on.

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and made the three-hour drive to Dallas to go to the estate sale of a woman that had been personal assistant (for 40 years) to Stanley Marcus (former president and son of the founder of Neiman Marcus.)  The images were promising, but more importantly for me, it was an opportunity to visit one of those homes where time seemed to have stopped in 1967 and in a good way - I just couldn't resist.

I planned on arriving when it opened at 9:00, but as always seems to be the case, I could not sleep the night before, so at 3:00 a.m. my husband suggested I  "just go already". Sniff.  Fine.  I ended up arriving at at about 6:00 and there were already ten other people there - one guy arrived at 7:00 p.m. the night before.  It was all very cordial and we basically just started assigning ourselves numbers so that we didn't have to stand in line.  All was well and at 8:30 we started lining up - I was in front of a woman who was super chatty and friendly and as she started making sold stickers I asked if I could have a few just in case. She handed me a few and I wrote "sold" and my initials on them.  At this point, one of two police officers on hand to manage the crazy people (turns out I was one of them, but I'm getting ahead of myself here) started barking that he was not going to put up with any BS.  In fact, he threatened jail to anyone who got pushy.  Yikes!!!

Finally the door opened and they began letting people in, and then more people, and then more people.  Argh!  It was insane, but by the time they figured out they'd let too many people in, it was too late.  Anyway, right as I walked in I saw the  Kaoru Kawano print I had spied in the photos - the dangling tag read $95 (way less than I anticipated) so I couldn't put my sticker on there fast enough and moved on.  I walked by the print at least twice as I tried to maneuver through the house, but on the third time it was gone.  I immediately went to the woman running the sale and explained what had happened.  Right there she started yelling into the crowd that it was sold and that she knew what they had done.  I was impressed.  I thought,  "I'm getting that print back."  Still, she suggested I walk around the house and try to locate it so I did.  This was annoying because 1) the house was so packed and 2) I had a firm stop time in order to be home in time to pick my daughter up from school. I was wasting precious time looking for the culprit instead of digging!

After about 20 minutes of this, I went back to the sale lady and asked for an update.  She said that unfortunately I had put a sold sign on something that was already sold - that the "other" woman had the dangling tag.  My first reaction was concession, but then I immediately realized that when I put my sticker on there the tag was still there which is how I knew what it cost to begin with.  Argh!  Foiled by a dangling tag?!  I explained this and I went further in saying that I realized I had made a mistake in not taking the tag, but that it was bad form to remove something that's clearly marked "sold".  She agreed, but did not want to deal with it so she walked me outside to hash it out with none other than Mr. No-BS police officer, while she went to fetch the "other" woman.  Are you cringing yet?  No?  You will be soon.

So I made my case in front of a line of about 30 people (joy!) and right as I was wrapping up, the "other" woman came out carrying my print (as well as another) and the only thing that came out of my mouth was, "You?" It was the very woman I had been chatting with all morning and who had given me the "sold" stickers.  Now I was furious.  She made her case to the police officer, which was basically that there was no "sold" sticker and that she had the tag so it was hers.  It really should have ended there (for me) but then out of the corner of my eye I saw the sticker on the floor right inside the doorway where we had been standing.  I barked, "There's the sticker!"  The police officer glared at her and said, "I've been here all morning and that wasn't there until you just walked up.  Both of you wait right here."


After what seemed like freaking ages, the police officer came back, looked at her and said, "We can handle this one of two ways.  You have two prints, would you consider giving her the one she wants?"  She said, "No, because that's the one I *really* want."

So then he said, "Ok, then I have a number  between 1 and 25 written on this piece of paper.  Whoever guesses closest wins."

I looked at her and said, "Just go." She guessed "13" and then I guessed "17".  He looked at me and said, "Congratulations", as he opened the paper to reveal a "22". 

 And these were the rest of the finds from that sale:

I was going to post some my more recent finds, but I'm exhausted.  Part 2 later this week.  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Thrift Round Up

Despite the less than exciting estate sales around here, I've been pretty diligent about driving to Houston to hit my favorite thrifts.  It's always hit or miss, but it's the anticipation of what could be that keeps me going.  Despite how many times I'm disappointed, some kind of thrift-amnesia sets in within 48 hours and I'm always ready to head back the next week.  Herewith the loot:

This is just some of the brass I picked up in the last two weeks.  The candelabra piece is very cool, but I've got enough brass to last a lifetime so both have already been listed in my shop.

Figgjo flint and Nymolle found at different thrifts in different cities.  The plaques have already been added to my personal collection seen here:

This past weekend I went two sales in Houston highrises.  You have to make appointments for these sales, so I've never gone assuming everything would be priced really high.  I was surprised that things were actually priced to move so I won't be skipping those anymore.  Above: a very pretty geode on a brass base.  There were more and I regret not getting all of them.

These are some very cool Norwegian pewter candle holders - still have to research the maker.
Some very pretty Cathrineholm plates hidden in a pantry.  I could not believe the low price on these given they are all clearly marked. The small one has some chipping and the white had a rust stain, but a little BKF took care of that in about 2 strokes of the sponge.
Jumping around here, but I also found this large Cathrineholm pan at a thrift.  It's in pristine condition and the cobalt color is stunning.  I've placed an 8" bowl in its center for scale (not really - its actually a Cathrineholm porn shot.)
More Arabia Ruska!  I keep finding this pattern.  This came from some thrifting in San Antonio in early January as did these:
Dansk Gunnar Cyren Cadelabra

Stavangerflint Dish
That's it for now. Sorry for the speed-post and all the jumping around!  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Thrift Round Up: That's a Wrap!

Living 30 miles from the good thrift action has taken up more time and gas than I care to go into.  With that said, I've fallen behind on Christmas decorating and planning for the party we're hosting this coming Saturday.  No excuses, but as penance I'm on a no-thrift diet until after Christmas.  And despite the fact that I didn't get some Bjorn Wiinblad pieces I was lusting after, the itch was sufficiently scratched these last two weeks.  Herewith the loot:

These were all found on Friday at three different places.  The piece on the far left is  Rorstrand and I had seen it at the same thrift no less than 3 times. It looked familiar but there was a little white sticker on the bottom covering the stamp.  I just assumed it was unmarked because this thrift is very good about research and labeling items.  This time, I just scratched it off and there it was clear as day - and even better, because it had been there for so long the price was fantastic.  The canister in the middle is of course, Bitossi, and this was found at a Goodwill I had never visited - it is miraculously intact.  And the hippo (found at an estate sale) is a bit of a mystery.  I thought it was a reproduction of an Egyptian hippo from the MMA, but this one has no marks and plaster holes in his feet.  A repro of a repro? Oh well, he's cute.

 I generally don't buy things for the shop that I wouldn't personally display in my home.  As you can imagine, this can present a problem for the hoarding-inclined.  The burnt orange cow pitcher was a find from an estate sale that didn't have much else. Notice how it's already living among my collection?  As it resembles a Texas Longhorn, I may have to keep it and part with the yellow cow.

From the same sale, I found this Dansk ice bucket at a fantastic price.  They didn't know what it was and had labeled it as a "wood thermos".  Boldly, I pointed out a nick to the handle and talked them down even further.  Bold or jerky?  Don't answer that.

From the same sale as the hippo, a really pretty Porsgrund Christmas plate.  I don't always care for these, but these modern wise men are cool.

So moving on to some randomness picked up over the last two weeks at thrifts:

Yellow Mottahedeh Lidded Bird Dish

Figgjo Flint Teapot in Saga Pattern (in the shop)
Coruoc Reindeer Tray (sold within 24 hours)

Nisbel Swedish Flatware

Dansk Brown Mist Pitcher (in the shop)
Arabia Ulla Procope Teapot (sorry for the bad image!)

Fat Lava Glazed Italian Ceramic Box

Zanesville Ceramic Planter 
Danish Teak Bar Cart

Arabia Emilia Dish

And finally, last week I visited our only good local thrift shop and found this sideboard and hutch.

I knew it had to be Danish, but it had absolutely no marks.  What I was able to discern on my own was that it was solid teak and very well made.  It was $150, but I left it because of a stain and my inability to assign provenance.  Later that night, everyone's favorite Danish furniture child prodigy was able to not only ID it as Johannes Aasjberg, but was also able to find the exact model in a catalog.  I called the thrift that night to hold it, but before I could say anything the same lady who had helped me said she'd sell it for $100.  It needs some work, but I've been looking for a piece like this FOREVER and would never have paid retail.

Any favorites? Let me know!

That's it.  Thanks for visiting and happiest of holidays!