Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thrift Break Round Up

This week a year ago I launched my original Etsy shop.  In fact, it was exactly one year ago today that we had an accident that inadvertently gave me the time to finally open the shop.  My mother was visiting from South Texas for the holidays and toward the end of the day I went for a run and she went for a walk.  On my return it was impossible to miss the ambulance and small crowd surrounding somebody laying on the ground.  It was my mother and she had tripped and broken her leg.  Long story short, she made a full recovery but I spent many hours in the hospital and recovery center just keeping my mom company.  As she slept, I researched and posted listings and Sabine Vintage Home was born.

Although I'm now working full-time, curating my shop remains my very favorite hobby.  Reading and yoga have taken a backseat to thrifting, but for now I'm ok with that.  It's been a great year and I'm grateful to the supportive community of like-minded folks who through Twitter, blogging and Facebook offer advice, ID help, pop culture recommendations and an occasional good laugh.  I'm also grateful to all the lovely readers of this blog who are always quick with an ID and lovingly enabling the bad thrift habit! ;-)  Thank you, all!  Luckily, not all of this past week was spent Christmas shopping and I was able to hit the one estate sale happening near me. I'm delighted to report I was able to find TWO wonderful gifts for two of my favorite people - my mother and my husband.  Herewith the loot.

This brass elephant paperweight is courtesy of half-off day at Goodwill.  I completely forgot about the sale, but figured it out as soon I pulled into the parking lot.  By now my brass obsession is clear, but I LOVE this guy.  Even my husband agrees he's worth keeping - we shall see.  He was a steal, and I regret that I left behind a brass elephant letter holder.  It was only $2.00 and in great shape - what was I thinking?!
I do love a mug.  This one is from the 70s and still has the old Macy's price tag on its base - I suspect this guy was never, ever used.  This one's going into Good Day, Gentlemen.

This glass wall plaque is Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal and was one of three things worth buying at the estate sale.  I wouldn't call it thrifty, but I bought it for less than a 1/3 of the asking price of an identical one on Etsy.  Still, my mother loves Bjorn Wiinblad and this is for her - she's going to love it.

The other two things worth buying were these two metal Coleman coolers c. 1970s.  My husband is forever asking me to keep an eye out for these so imagine my surprise when I found two well into the first day of the estate sale.  They are in great vintage shape and both retain the internal tray for holding things above the ice.  They were also very well priced - yay! We gave them to him as an early Christmas gift as there was no way to hide these bad boys - they are big.

That's it.  Thanks for visiting and happy new year!



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  1. Great stuff, and yes! what were you thinking?!

    I always do stuff like that. Face palm.